19-Jan-2019Boulder, CO+15 milesItems Wanted
I need to make a spice rack and before I go out and bought brand new boards I thought I'd check to see if anyone has some scraps I could pick up. Need 1x3, but any length down to about 18" would be okay if there's a few of them -- even 12" would work if you have 12 or more scraps because I could make several little sets of shelves and hang them in a pattern. If you've been hanging on to a bunch...
19-Jan-2019Brighton, CO+23 milesItems Wanted
I am after a wooden desk with drawers for my daughters bedroom. Please contact me on 07710853677 if you're getting rid of one. Thanks
19-Jan-2019Boulder, CO+15 milesItems Wanted
needing succulent plants, various green shades, even some reddish tint leaves would be welcome.
Looking to create a raised garden this year. Looking for any material (ie: 4x4s, large aluminum water basins, cinder blocks) that would work for creating a raised garden bed.
17-Jan-2019Boulder, CO+15 milesItems Wanted
I m searching for a guitar I could use during my time here in Boulder. I m an international student at CU and will return to my home country in May. I d love to play some guitar until then but unfortunately it doesn t really make sense to buy one for such a short time period and couldn t bring mine on the plane.
16-Jan-2019Boulder, CO+15 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for clippings of/or whole houseplants. My (Phil)odendron is rather lonesome. If anyone is willing to share that would be so nice. I d love a spiderplant, peace lily, jade, Chinese evergreen or anything. Please and thank you in advance. I can pick up of course.
Used baby / pet gate. Using it for a dog so doesn't need to be pretty.
16-Jan-2019Brighton, CO+23 milesItems Wanted
Hi we lost our home and all belongings in a fire and I am in need to a new set on limited funds.
16-Jan-2019Boulder, CO+15 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a deep freezer to store produce in, as I share my fridge-top freezer with roommates. Thank you!
In search of a tank, cradle and seat foam for a 1975 Arctic Cat Z. Emails, texts or phone calls are fine. I will pay good dollar for good parts and I will pay shipping as well. Let me know what you have or if you have any leads to where I should be looking. Thank you all!
15-Jan-2019Boulder, CO+15 milesItems Wanted
Looking for CD Jewel Cases to make mix cds for friends and family as presents!:)
15-Jan-2019Boulder, CO+15 milesItems Wanted
Hello, I m looking for a picnic table with the benches attached. If anyone has one they are looking to part with, please let me know. Thank you!!!
14-Jan-2019Brighton, CO+23 milesItems Wanted
I home school two little ones and I am in need of some type of furniture, storage, organizer. to store their materials, crayons, paints etc
I need posterboard or thick, card stock type paper for an art project for children. Any colors or white is great! Thanks, Susan
9-Jan-2019Boulder, CO+15 milesItems Wanted
I am in need of a smaller HDTV (not the older CRT type TV) with a working HDMI port. If you are upgrading from a smaller HDTV to a larger one, and have no need for the smaller one, let me know. It can be any size between 19" and 42". It should weigh less than 20 lbs. It can be either 720p or 1080i.