I've been in the area for a very long time working smaller jobs, if you'd like to me to come look at a project send me a text and we'll make an appointment ;-) Or call me to make an appointment. Ad number: #340756437 Contact: joel Phone: 7205180228 City: Longmont Zip: 80501
Goph Busters - Burrowing Rodent/Pest EradicationFeaturing the Rodenator system, this uses concussive force to kill borrowing animals in their lairs and helps collapse the tunnels to discourage reinfestation. Generally 80-90% effective first time around. It is environmentally friendly - no poisons, but is not suitable for use near gas lines, fuel tanks (poison, gas or traps recommended near thos...
I have a lot of experience. Ad number: #332294897 Contact: Samuel Bowles City: Longmont, CO Zip: 80504 Price: 10/ hr
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