17-Oct-2018Boulder, CO+15 milesItems Wanted
Looking for Camp Stove Bear bag Sleeping bags Waterproof tarps Sleeping pads, Flashlight, headlamps Solar, portable phone chargers Sleeping bag liners Bear food box Waterproof matches Any decent working helpful camping supplies
17-Oct-2018Boulder, CO+15 milesItems Wanted
Looking for Quinoa Lentils (red, green, black) Rice Vegetables (fresh, raw, open to old veggies too that have been sitting out, ideally organic or pesticide free)
14-Oct-2018Boulder, CO+15 milesItems Wanted
WANTED: Minus Lens Glasses, -1 to -2.5 strength prescription ... In case you - or your loved ones - have any outdated (*or no longer en Vogue / haute couture) prescription MiNUS lens glasses (*for nearsightedness / myopia) anywhere in the -1 to -2.75 range (*& no, no need to know the exact prescription, tho if you happen to, that d be wonderful) my family would be very grateful for them. (*And ...
14-Oct-2018Boulder, CO+15 milesItems Wanted
Need more egg cartons - chickens are laying eggs but not helping with cartons. Large collection preferred - dozen size or 1/2 dozen - not the bigger 1 1/2 dozen or costco size.
13-Oct-2018Brighton, CO+23 milesItems Wanted
Large buggy wheels to make a trolly
13-Oct-2018Brighton, CO+23 milesItems Wanted
Leather looking sofa or sofa bed needed thank you
13-Oct-2018Loveland, CO+15 milesItems Wanted
Hey I'm not a mechanic but recently discovered how much I enjoy reviving mowers. If you or someone you know have a lawn mower or any small engine equipment I am willing to haul it away and fix it or recycle it properly. Thanks
12-Oct-2018Boulder, CO+15 milesItems Wanted
Project alert! Doing furniture refinishing. If you have any of the supplies - stain, any kind/size of brushes or polyurethane coat, I'd be happy to pick it up!
12-Oct-2018Boulder, CO+15 milesItems Wanted
If you have a sander you no longer use, happy to take it off your hands! Thank you!
12-Oct-2018Boulder, CO+15 milesItems Wanted
Hoping someone has a working Sony portable CD Walkman that is collecting dust. I enjoy listening to audio books, which I check out from our local library while knitting. Thank you!
12-Oct-2018Boulder, CO+15 milesItems Wanted
anyone have this game gathering dust? Happy to borrow if you need it back. For an event this weekend. Thank you!
12-Oct-2018Broomfield, CO+16 milesItems Wanted
Preferably with a hood-trying to be a boxer for a costume party. :)
11-Oct-2018Brighton, CO+23 milesItems Wanted
Hi I m looking for a tv,desk and a sofa bed for my boys room please.x
11-Oct-2018Brighton, CO+23 milesItems Wanted
I m after something to raise my mattress off the floor. I d need 5e storage underneath. If anyone can help please get in touch, thank you so much
11-Oct-2018Brighton, CO+23 milesItems Wanted
If you are trying to find a way to get rid of old cedar or redwood fence boards I will take them off your hands. Nails are ok but they must be in fairly good condition, I am building a cabinet. Thanks
11-Oct-2018Brighton, CO+23 milesItems Wanted
I am in need of a large metal coffee can, the kind with the ridges (about a dozen, running around the middle). Thank you
11-Oct-2018Boulder, CO+15 milesItems Wanted
Bed frame head board full size and larger preferred.
11-Oct-2018Boulder, CO+15 milesItems Wanted
Wanted storage shelves for basement. I'll pick up.
11-Oct-2018Boulder, CO+15 milesItems Wanted
I am looking to find a cat tree for my foster kitten!
11-Oct-2018Boulder, CO+15 milesItems Wanted
I am in need of a lot of fake Christmas trees for the Boulder High School haunted house.
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